Why Vietnam?

  • As the world’s population is aging, and Taiwan is no exception to the need for medical care, long-term care, and health care services.It has been suggested by Stan Shih, Co-Founder & Honorary Chairman of Acer Inc., that Taiwan should adopt “drive export sales with domestic demand” as a development strategy for its healthcare and healthcare technology industries.
  • In terms of the aging population, Vietnam ranks among the top countries in the world. The population of Vietnam has reached 97.34 million in 2020. As a result of the aging population, the elderly population has reached 7% since 2011. It is estimated that the time taken to move from 7% to 14% is only 16 to 18 years. Approximately 21 million people are expected to be elderly by 2035 and 2038, officially entering the super-aged population.

An overview of the Vietnamese market

90% of the market relies on imports, and the market for medical materials is expected to reach 30 billion US dollars; the Vietnamese government is actively introducing smart medical devices.

  • From 2017 to 2019, imported medical materials products had an average annual value of 5.824 billion US dollars. The market for medical materials in Vietnam is expected to reach US $30 billion by 2026 as a result of an aging population and an increase in income-driven demand for healthcare services.
  • Currently, 90% of Vietnam’s medical materials are imported, due to the small scale of local production of medical materials. Recently, the Vietnamese government released more investment profits and invited overseas manufacturers to invest in Vietnam, hoping to increase the domestic market for medical materials to 60%.
  • As the Vietnamese elderly population grows in both absolute and relative numbers, large amounts are required to cover health care services, retirement and social benefits.
  • As a result of Covid-19, digital health care has been promoted more aggressively. The Vietnamese government intends to implement a smart medical system in response to the aging population and high medical costs in the country.
  • In Vietnam, the market of nursing homes is still in its infancy. According to statistics from 2021, Vietnam has 102 comprehensive elderly care facilities and only 32 specialized nursing facilities. By 2025, the government intends to establish at least one institution in each province.
  • There is a high demand for long-term care facilities and care centers in Vietnam due to the rapid growth of the elderly population, which requires substantial amounts of money to cover health care services, retirement benefits, and social benefits. Additionally, Vietnam is working to improve mechanisms and policies to encourage private enterprises to enter the elderly market.

An introduction to the exhibition

The Cares Expo Vietnam is Vietnam’s first professional exhibition on healthcare, elderly care, and long-term care.

The Cares Expo Vietnam will be held concurrently with the Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo. In its 30 years of existence, Medi-Pharm Expo has become one of the most prestigious and largest medical exhibitions in Vietnam. The exhibition is sponsored by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and is considered to be the largest and most influential exhibition in the field of medicine and health. We are optimistic about the rapid development of the elderly care market in Vietnam, but there is still a lack of professional exchange platforms. The Vietnamese Ministry of Health, Vietfair, and AnkeCare plan to jointly organize the Cares Expo Vietnam, an expo specializing in elderly care. Focusing on health care, elderly care, long-term care, technology and services in accordance with Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy, mastering the important medical and long-term care channels in Vietnam, and expanding ASEAN health care services. 

Report on the Vietnam MEDI-PHARM exhibition

Analysis of exhibitors

  • Area of the exhibition: 5,500 square meters, 200 booths
  • There are 150 exhibitors, including 15 international exhibitors (Australia, Russia, China, South Korea, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Japan, Pakistan, Taiwan, the United States… Etc.)
  • The satisfaction rating was 81.8%, and the renewal rate was 88%

Analysis of visitors

  • 6,386 visitors (456 from abroad)
  • A total of 3,165 professional buyers (more than 50%)

Exhibit Profile

Homecare Tech

– Life Safety & Security System: Fall Detection & Notification, Fire Prevention, Surveillance, Door Control
– Home Health Care System: Remote Medicare, Reminder of Medicine
– Environmental Design: Senior Residence Planning, Barrier-Free Facilities

Medical Equipment

Lifting Aids, Antiseptics, Portable Ultrasound Machine, Portable X-ray Device, Thermometer, Blood Pressure Machine, Blood Sugar Test Machine, Heart Rate Monitor Machine, and other Home Medicare Device

Innovative Service

Art & Crafts for Elderly, Gardening, Picture Books, Elderly Toys

Mobility & Safety

Walking Assistance Devices, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, Mobile Shower Service, Transportation Service

Dementia Care

Products & services for dementia prevention and procrastination, including interactive games and toys.

Eating & Feeding:

Nutrition, Dysphagia Diets, Eating Utensils, Oral Care & Health, Swallowing Training

Professional Services

Financial, Tax, and Law Consulting Service, Legal Entity Applications, Architect and Interior Designer

Stand Rental

  • Standard Booth ( min. 9 sqm )

Exhibitors looking for a preset layout can book a shell scheme booth and be guaranteed a low-hassle setup with room for creativity. 



  • 3 Sides System Panel (2 Sides System Panel for corner booths)
  • Fascia Name Board 
  • 1 Unit Reception desk
  • 1 Unit Round Table
  • 2 Units Folding Chairs
  • 1 Unit of 5 AMP/220V Single Phase Power Socket
  • 2 Unit Fluorescent Light 
  • Carpet
  • 1 Unit Waste Basket
  • Raw space ( min. 18 sqm )

The Raw Space option does not include any stand design, fittings and carpeting, but enables the exhibitors to create their own individual stand build.

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