A New Era of Care Industry – Innovative Technology

The so-called Care Industry should contain care services for all ages. Taiwan is presumed to be a super-aged society in 2026.

Within following 6 years, an increasing variety of demands in elderly care is highly expected. Under such a circumstance, we can predict “prevent or delay disability” and “aging in place” will be a trend. In addition, the maternal and infant care also the hot topic globally.

Integrated with innovative technologies, a new look of care industry is taking shape in the aspects of health care, daily life support and medical/elderly care, etc. Apart from above, a group of healthy aged people, who are willing to pay for keeping healthy both in body and mind, is also a promising market. As the fertility rate is decreasing in developed countries year by year, the maternal and infant care is regarded importantly at the same time. All in all, a new era of the care industry has emerged.

ĀnkěCare Magazine, a bi-monthly publication, explores the demands and challenges of care industry in depth. People all know the importance of care services with highly expectation. However, a good care service requires mutual trust and benefit on the basis of equality. In view of this, a care-focus platform for skilled long-term care facilities / postpartum care facilities / ICT suppliers / equipment suppliers / caregivers / care-receivers is needed. ĀnkěCare Magazine, with media power, programs a professional B2B exhibition, The Cares Innovative Care Conference & Exhibition (The Cares Expo), which is set to link up everyone in the field and to accelerate upgrade of care industry. The Cares Expo aims on shaping a healthy all-ages care industry via introducing innovative technologies. And assist people to be well prepared for the challenges of coming super-aged society.

Exhibition Scheme

The Cares Expo presents the latest technologies, equipment and know-how to transform traditional labor-cost care services into modern information-based care industry. With the concept of one-stop shopping, The Cares Expo is designed to be friendly and understandable for potential buyers: 

Residential care facilities

  • Data management system

  • Facility equipment

  • Fire & Safety

  • Disinfection & epidemic prevention

  •   Nutrient & Food

Community care centers & Homecare services

  • Exercise equipment
  • Smart homecare
  • Home healthcare
  • Portable medical equipment

Themed pavilions

  • Innovative technology
  • Intelligent day care
  • Medical & elder care in one
  • Intelligent transportation
  • Government
  • Industrial-academia pavilion

Exhibits & Services

Products in fields (Residence Facilities, Communities, Home)

  • Management system
  • Innovative technology
  • Fire & safety
  • Disinfection & epidemic prevention
  • Barrier-free design



Smart Homecare

  • Security & access control
  • Health management system
  • Vitals monitoring system

Exercise & Rehabilitation

Home healthcare

Professional consultant services


Comprehensive experience and expertise sharing from experts in following aspects:


  1. Trends of technology for care industry
  2. Long-term care business management
  3. Integrated services of medical and care
  4. Applications in Smart Homecare
  5. Nutrient in care service
  6. Senior residence
  7. Exercise & Rehabilitation
  8. Health management & promotion
  9. Creative aging services

Exhibition information 

Date |     2021.9.9 (Thr.)~9.11 (Sat.)

Time |    9.9 (Thr.)     10.00-18:00

               9.10 (Fri.)     10.00-18:00

               9.11 (Sat.)     10.00-17:00

Venue |   Taiwan World Trade Center, Hall 1

No.5, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd.,Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Targeted Visitors 

In fields of long-term care, elderly care, maternal & child nursing care, ICT, property development & construction

      • Governmental departments (social welfare, health & urban development related, local government officers)
      • Long-term care services providers & associations (in fields of home, community & residence facilities)
      • Comprehensive community care (home healthcare providers, clinics & pharmacies)
      • Residence facilities (postpartum care, baby care, elderly care, disability care, etc.)
      • Hospitals & medical instrument channels


      • Property developers & investors
      • Property managements, security companies, carriers, telecom carrier & cable TV service provider
      • Architects, interior designers & consultants
      • System Integrators & ICT channels
      • School & research institute (social welfare, social worker, gerontology, nursing care & medical related)
      • Practicing Medical Personnel, OT/PT, nutritionist, speech-language therapist, etc.)
      • Investors and developers in care industry


Contact Information

Juihui Lin
+886 2 77296189 ext. 110